Worship Team

Our leadership’s heart for the corporate worship gatherings at Grace SBC is that it would be:
1. Authentic (it would honor God with both our mouths and our hearts)

2. Intentional (our worship should lift Jesus high)

3. Directional (cause our people to look up, look in and look out)

4. Simple (the message would be clear)

5. Communal (worship would draw us together not divide us)

6. Engaging (that it would draw us in to think, sing and respond)


1. Personal Worship Time – Team members need to be spending personal time with God in worship and prayer away from the platform ministry. We are primarily worshippers, and we cannot lead others where we have not gone ourselves.

2. Supporting Grace – Team members should actively support the leadership and mission of Grace SBC and promote unity. Team members should also support the life of Grace SBC through regular attendance in worship and other events, as well as giving of time, talents and treasures outside of the worship team.

3. Setting an Example – As members of the worship team, we lead all aspects of our lives in such a way as to be an example to those around us. Following 1 Timothy 4:12, we are to be an example in speech, life, love, faith and purity.

4. Foster a Teachable Heart – It is important to be at a level of maturity where you can accept coaching and critique from the leadership and not take it personally.

5. Personal Practice – Team members are expected to commit time to individual practice to prepare for group rehearsals and worship services. Recognize that this worship ministry requires a large time commitment and it is wasteful of the team’s time to be unprepared for rehearsal.


Skill Level

We need to work at our instrumental and/or vocal ability to become the very best we can be.  This includes personal practice as well as playing for the team. You will be working with a leader who is committed to excellence and believes in practice.  We must bring the best sacrifice possible to the Lord. Becoming familiar with the music makes it easier to worship on Sunday mornings instead of worrying about what comes next.


All team members are required to attend the weekly rehearsal sessions when they are scheduled (Wednesday’s 7:30-8:30p & Sunday’s 8:15-850a).  If you are unable to attend rehearsal for an emergency, illness, family event, or other situation, please alert the Team Leader ASAP. (In the event of an emergency, please do so as soon afterward as possible.) Failure to attend rehearsal may require you to miss the immediately following Sunday’s worship, but will be determined at the Team Leader’s discretion.

Ability to flow with a team

This is not a solo event, but a team effort.  Proficiency with your instrument or voice does not automatically make you a top candidate for the worship team. Worshiping and blending with others is a major consideration.


Team members need to be on time and ready to begin at weekly rehearsals and pre‐service practices.



Currently, Grace SBC’s worship ministry consists of vocalists and instrumentalists who rotate on a week‐by‐week basis. This keeps the focus on the entire team, rather than on smaller teams and creates a more positive atmosphere for our team members.

Who Should Apply

Vocalists (either for lead or backup parts)
Guitar (Electric, Acoustic,)

Our typical group on Sunday consists of 1-2 vocalists, drums, guitar, bass and keyboards. Other instruments will certainly be considered, even though they may not be used each week.

Time Commitments 

Being a part of the worship team is a considerable investment in time. Rehearsals take place twice a week (time and evening may vary due to schedules). Team members are also expected to learn songs outside of rehearsal times. Most musicians and vocalist rotate every week and can expect to serve 1-2 times a month.


Please contact us if you are interested or if you would like more information,

Office: 217-965-5692

E-mail Alex@Gracesbc.com.