At Grace, we encourage everyone to get connected to others through common interests, ages, and life stages.

We keep it pretty simple: Instead of a bunch of ministries and activities, we focus on a few, powerful ways to connect everyone in the body of Christ.


The primary way for adults to connect is through our Connect Groups and Grow Groups.


For the Kids, we have a great Sunday Morning environment where they play, laugh, sing, and learn.


Our student ministry mirrors our adult ministries, with a special worship & small group opportunity on Sunday evening. Take a minute and explore the different ways you can connect today!


Baptism is the outward expression of our inward commitment to follow Jesus Christ. Our Baptism Celebrations are true celebrations, as we worship the God of our Salvation, and welcome new believers into the family of God!


At Grace, we see church as more of a battleship than a cruise ship. On a battleship, there’s a purpose, a mission, and a cause. Everybody has a vital role to play, and everybody works together to accomplish the mission.

A cruise ship exists for the enjoyment of the passengers. There’s a proportionately small staff and crew that run around serving customers, who expect everything to be done to their liking.

If you’re interested in partnering with our crew of Gospel Warriors, we’d love to talk! There’s a process to go through, but you’ll be joining God’s A-Team for bringing the Kingdom of God to earth!