God did not design us to go through life alone. He created us to have a healthy relationship with him and with each other. We are meant to connect, through common interests, events, and life stages.

God also wants us to grow in our relationships, and fulfill the incredible purpose he created us for. We are meant to grow so that our relationships go deeper, and our purpose becomes clearer as we live out our faith in Christ.


Connect Groups are built around a common interest. This could be Bible study, men, women, students, recovery, sports, hobbies… you name it. We’re expanding our Connect Groups with the goal of connecting as many people as possible so they can experience real, healthy relationships, and ultimately fulfill their God-given purpose.

Grow Groups are built around a common need. Each of us wants to grow in different areas of our lives, like finances, parenting, leadership, marriage, or theology. Grow groups are short-term groups that equip members to grow in a particular part of their lives.

Below you will find a list of the classes and small groups currently offered at Grace. If you have questions about any of our groups, contact our office @ or call the office at 217-965-5692.

*List may be incomplete, as new groups are always forming