Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care Team at Grace provides friendship, encouragement, and caring spiritual support to the families of Grace. This team coordinates with the Deacon Team to assist with care during times of illness, hospitalization, and crisis, and to encourage the church family through prayer, cards, notes, & affirmations.



Goes on home visits to minister to sick, elderly, disabled, or those going through crisis. Offers prayer and assistance as appropriate, as well as encouragement. May make visits with another pastoral care team member, a deacon, or the pastor.

TIME COMMITMENT:                 1-2 Hours/Week


Phone correspondents will make phone calls to follow up with prayer requests, special needs, achievements, and absentee members. Will offer prayer, encouragement, congratulations, and sympathy as appropriate. Must have strong communication skills (particularly phone skills).

Writing Correspondents will write notes of encouragement, birthday cards, anniversary cards, or bereavement cards. May also create longer letters for special occasions when appropriate. Must have good writing skills!

TIME COMMITMENT:                 1-2 Hours/Week


Prayer warriors will spend significant time engaged in praying for the needs of others. Will pray over the weekly prayer bulletin, and will also be willing to be called upon for special prayer needs throughout the week. Must have an established and consistent prayer life, and a strong belief in intercessory prayer.

TIME COMMITMENT:                 1-2 Hours per week

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