Audio Visual Team

The Audio / Visual Team provides the technical expertise to create high quality, powerful worship presentations. They are the behind-the-scenes backbone of the Worship & Drama Teams, making what they do possible on a larger and more stunning scale.



Controls and maintains sound equipment used for worship services, including soundboards, equalizers, microphones, speakers, & monitors. Must be able to operate equipment with ease, and understand the basics of sound engineering. Must also perform basic maintenance and troubleshooting.

TIME COMMITMENT:                 3-4 Hours/Week


The Video Tech operates video equipment to record services and create live feeds for broadcast on closed circuit TV’s and internet. Must have basic mastery of video equipment, and a basic understanding of filming and composition. Must be able to follow direction from Worship Leader or project director. May be called upon to help create video resources for promotion and educational use.

TIME COMMITMENT:                 3-4 Hours/Week


Presentation techs operate the presentation software during worship services and special events. Must be able to operate professional worship presentation software to combine visual elements such as text, videos, backgrounds, and graphics to enhance the worship experience. Must help create visuals and slideshows, and coordinate with video and sound techs for smooth transitions and seamless presentations.

TIME COMMITMENT:                 4-6 Hours/Week

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