First Impressions Team

The saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression.” That puts an imperative on making sure that guests to our church experience the warm, inviting atmosphere and wholesome, God-focused environment of Grace. Our First Impressions Team makes sure that our guests (and members) are informed, safe, and comfortable from the time they pull into the parking lot to the time services are dismissed.



Helps manage and direct parking, communicate with the Team Coordinator, keep the parking area safe and free from obstructions, and provide perimeter security for the church campus.

TIME COMMITMENT:                 4-5 Hours/Week


Opens doors for arriving members and guests and welcomes them with a smile and a greeting. Helps with special needs, and directs guests to the Foyer Hosts.

TIME COMMITMENT:                 1-2 Hours/Week


Assists members and guests with any special needs, helps identify guests and present them with a welcome packet, directs members and guests to appropriate locations, and answers any questions a guest might have.

TIME COMMITMENT:                 2-3 Hours/Week


Helps members and guests to locating seating and assists Team Coordinator with interior security.

TIME COMMITMENT:                 1-2 Hours/Week


Aids in the receiving of offerings during appropriate services, and provides secure escort of offerings to proper staff and location.

TIME COMMITMENT:                 1-2 Hours/Month


Provides follow-up with first time guests with a handwritten note and a special gift. They are also available to give information about the church if needed, and ensure a positive, lasting “First Impression.”

TIME COMMITMENT:                 1-2 Hours/Week

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