Risen Week 1: Understanding The Cross

Risen, our new series based on the movie currently in theaters leads us to Easter, taking a look at the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ through the eyes of an unbelieving Roman soldier. I encougrage you to see the movie with an unbelieving friend, and then invite them to come to our Sunday morning worship services as we explore why the resurrection […]

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Relationslips Week 2: Destructive Misjudgments

This week we’ll look at three Relationslips that center on unfaithfulness. We’ll explore what damaging results that come from leaving God out of our relationships, and we’ll discover some common sense ways to avoid common mistakes. Finally, we’ll find out how to experience supernatural healing that can only come from God. I pray for God […]

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Relationslips Week 1: Misplaced Expectations

Whether it’s dating, parenting, marriage, or friendships, we often “slip up” when it comes to keeping healthy relationships. In this new two-part series, Relationslips, we will focus on two major areas where we tend to “slip up” and miss the joy that can come from our relationships with one another and with God, and how […]

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