Guest Speaker: Chad Wilkin

Chad Wilkin shares a bit about his recent encounters with foreign students and families and how he has opened his home and offered his fellowship to them. He speaks about how we are to reach the nations. God is calling us to be a part of this, God reveals to us how we are to […]

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Risen King 4: Four Elements of a Revolutionary Life

The fires of the gospel that were ignited over 2000 years ago are still raging around the world today. And that message of Christ has the same life-giving, eternity-altering effect it did back then. As we explore the beginnings of this worldwide movement, led by a small band of extraordinarily ordinary people, we discover some […]

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Risen King 3: The Truth About Discipleship

  It often feels as though being a follower of Jesus is a complicated pursuit with a load of expectations that become burdensome – especially when added to our already busy lives. In this message, Pastor Jimmy shares the truth about discipleship from Jesus himself; a truth that is incredibly simple, but infinitely powerful.

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Risen King 2: Three Questions from Jesus

In this message, we find Jesus meeting with 7 of his closest friends after his resurrection from the dead. As the story unfolds, Jesus performs a miracle, cooks breakfast over a campfire, and has a hard conversation with one of his closest friends. In the midst of all this, he asks three very crucial questions […]

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Guest Speaker: Curt Ebert

Pastor Curt Ebert share the story of his time on the Appalachian Trail, and why we should never read the Bible.   Sermon – October 22, 2017 from Grace SBC on Vimeo.

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Savior 1: Crucifixion Characters

As the crucifixion plays out like a movie scene, we find relatable characters throughout the story that give us insight into our own reactions to Jesus.   Sermon – October 1, 2017 from Grace SBC on Vimeo.

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